Toilet Drops Just’a Drop™ Value Pack

Toilet drops Just’a Drop is the better way to stop personal bathroom odors before they appear.

A few drops in the toilet, before you go, forms a film on the water surface that traps and eliminates embarrassing odors before they escape into the air.

All you’ll leave behind is a fresh eucalyptus scent so nobody will know that you had to go!

  • Ultra Concentrated
  • Made From Natural Plant Extract
  • Eco-Friendly Formula
  • Safer Alternative to Aerosol
  • Septic & Plumbing Safe

Product Description

Package Contents:

6 units

Size available:

15 ml

Scent Available:

Eucalyptus & Refreshing Spring

How To Use The Toilet Drops

Put a few drops as needed into the toilet bowl, before you go. The toilet drops create a protective film that stops embarrassing odors before they escape.